Brix Chocolate Souffle


A classic chocolate souffle is a recipe you’ll turn to again and again for dinner parties, celebrations and quiet dinners for you and your love! It bakes in nearly half the time of a regular cake and happens to be gluten and dairy free, as well. So what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with a yummy Brix Chocolate souffle and your favorite bottle of wine?

I used Brix Medium Dark Chocolate for this particular souffle recipe, but you can substitute any variety of Brix that you prefer or already have on hand.

Ingredients & Instructions:

5 oz. Brix Medium Dark Chocolate                                       6 large eggs (3 yolks, 6 whites)

1/3 c. sugar                                                                                 1/4 t. vanilla

1/4. t cream of tartar                                                                1 T. coconut oil

Using a wooden cutting board or hard surface, chop chocolate into at least 1″ pieces and place in microwaveable safe bowl; melt in 45 second increments, stirring frequently (or melt via a double boiler).  Separate egg yolks from egg whites and add 3 lightly beaten egg yolks to the melted chocolate and stir until stiff (be careful that your chocolate is not too hot or your eggs will scramble).

Beat all 6 portions of egg whites with the cream of tartar on low-medium speed until they form soft peaks. Add the sugar in small portions and continue to beat at medium speed until all sugar is added. Increase the speed to high and beat until the whites form stiff peaks.

Stir a small portion of egg white mixture into the chocolate mixture to loosen (about 1/2 – 3/4 cup) and then gently fold the chocolate mixture into the egg white mixture. Be very gently at this step or you risk liquefying the egg whites and then the souffle won’t rise as well.

Lightly grease one 6 cup ramekin (or two 4 cup ramekins) with a small amount of coconut oil and a sprinkle of sugar.  Bake on the center rack at 375°F for 25 minutes until souffle is puffy and slightly crusty on tope, but not fully cooked in the middle. Serve immediately with whipped cream or a dusting of powdered sugar and fresh berries (optional).